Marvel Takes On CCGs With Free-To-Play Marvel Battle Lines

Marvel is entering the digital CCG market with its own take on the popular mobile genre. Marvel Battle Lines promises hundreds of collectible heroes and villains from across the Marvel universe, with an extensive single-player campaign and competitive battles. The free-to-play game is being developed by Nexon and will be coming this year for iPhone and Android devices.

The single-player campaign will be written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine, and separate single-player activities will revisit famous Marvel storylines. The game will also pay homage to its comic roots by letting you flip over cards to read detailed histories of the characters.

The announcement didn’t share much about the PvP options, but did give a detailed look at the character art created for the card game. It covers the gamut of heroes from classics like Spider-Man and Hulk to more recent favorites like Spider-Gwen and Jessica Jones.

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This will be Marvel’s second attempt, following 2007’s Marvel Trading Card Game for PC, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable. That was before the current trend of digital CCGs on mobile devices. The current market may be tough to crack, given the existing competition with games like Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls Online, among many others. Still, Marvel’s stable of beloved characters give it an edge, and it has already produced a steady stream of successful mobile titles, so it could be a real contender.

Author: GameSpot

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