The Controversy of Violence in Video Games

As long as the video gaming has been around there has always been titles that have had some sort of violence in them. As technology continues to progress we see a more realistic depiction of violence in video games, such titles as Mortal Kombat X show incredible images of the human body and how they react when they are being dismembered. There seems to be a deliberate artistry having created something beautiful, realistic, and pleasing. During the Renaissance there was a demand for more realistic depictions of the human body, both in proportion and pose, this seems to be the same demand today but in a digital aspect. But this sparks the great controversy in video games, do the violence in video games have an impact on the real world? Do they influence terrible thoughts and do they drive people to perform despicable actions? Players know their games are not reality, they become immersed in their world but it is in of itself a false reality. Like how a good book or movie that provides…

Author: N4G

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