Disney’s Jungle Cruise Stars Emily Blunt And The Rock Play Fight In New Video

Disney recently came out with one of the first promo videos for the upcoming movie Jungle Cruise. The company says that the film, which stars Emily Blunt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has begun production and the video shows the actors welcoming audiences to the set.

It begins with Emily Blunt walking down a path in what is supposed to be a jungle. She shows off the lights on the path as though she is a tour guide, before The Rock pseudo-interrupts her, vying for some screen time. They have a bit of a back and forth where it’s clear from the start that they are play fighting. They argue over who gets to say “the adventure of a lifetime” which appears to be the movie’s tagline.

Blunt and the Rock are both donning some jungle-y attire, complete with dirt on their faces to make it look extra accurate. The pair jokes about not getting along, and describes the movie as a “love story,” before Blunt storms off, and then comes back for more banter.

The film will follow The Rock as he takes a pair of siblings played by Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall on a quest to find a tree which is said to have the power to heal people. The movie will be released in conjunction with the revamp of the old Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland in October 2019.

Author: GameSpot

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