New Fortnite Jetpack Mode, Fly Explosives, Available For A Limited Time

Epic has rolled out a new batch of content for Fortnite: Battle Royale. The v5.10 content update is now available for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS), and on top of reintroducing the Guided Missile to the game, it marks the start of a new limited-time game mode: Fly Explosives.

As its name implies, Fly Explosives is a new variation of the limited-time High Explosives event from earlier this year. Only explosive weapons such as Grenades and Rocket Launchers can be found in this mode. Jetpacks also return in Fly Explosives, where they will occasionally spawn as Floor Loot.

This time around, Epic says jetpacks have an increased rate of fuel regeneration as well as a decreased burn rate compared to the ones that were previously available in Battle Royale, allowing players to stay airborne longer than before. Epic has also reduced the wait time between storms; as a result, the developer estimates that average match times should be less than 20 minutes.

In addition to Fly Explosives, Epic has also recently brought back Fortnite’s Playground mode. As before, Playground is a sandbox-style mode that allows players to jump into private matches and test out strategies and mess around with the game’s various items. The v5.10 content update introduces three more weapons to Playground: jetpacks, Guided Missiles, and Crosssbows.

You can read more details about the current limited-time modes on the official Fortnite website. Beyond that, the v5.10 content update brings back the aforementioned Guided Missile, following its removal from the game back in April. Epic says the weapon has been “tweaked and tuned down as it was too strong upon its initial release.”

Author: GameSpot

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