Destiny 2: Forsaken Leveling Guide — 5 Tips To Get Raid Ready

Since the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, players have been hard at work getting ready for the next Raid. Though we’re still in the dark about what sort of challenges the Last Wish Raid will have, we do know that it finally takes us away from the Leviathan, and will offer the most challenging six-player mission to date. But as many players discovered after finishing the main campaign, the new soft cap of 500 Power brings in a rather steep climb to overcome for Guardians looking forward to the next big activity.

Historically, the Power and Engram systems have undergone major changes and revisions with each big expansion, and Forsaken is no different. Ahead of the expansion’s launch, the game has seen some updates to the frequency of loot drops and the systems that players have become accustomed to. With a minimum power level of 550 required for the upcoming Raid, players will have to take advantage of every resource and opportunity they have available to them to prepare for what’s to come. With this in mind, we’ve come up with 5 useful tips to help you get ready for the upcoming Raid, which releases on Friday, September 14.

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Finish The Campaign And Embrace The New Grind

Firstly, it’s important that you finish the main campaign for the Forsaken DLC. While this may seem obvious, completing the story is the fastest way to reach level 50 and 500 power level for your Guardian. As you’re taking on the story missions and Adventures throughout the campaign, you’ll be swimming in new gear–mostly blue items–while getting accustomed to the new changes added into the Forsaken expansion. What’s abundantly clear is that many of the alterations to Destiny 2’s established systems have removed some shortcuts and dialed down certain methods players liked to use to get over the hump.

Once you reach 500 power level, you’ll encounter the first soft cap for leveling. Going forward, most blue and purple gear found from ordinary drops, vendors, and standard missions will cap at 500, and you’ll need to take advantage of the more challenging missions to steadily increase your power. But bare in mind, just when you start hitting your stride and rise in power, another soft-cap at 520 awaits. Just remember, there is no quick way to increase your strength; it will take time to steadily buff your character’s stats from here on out.

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Acquire Powerful And Prime Engrams

In order to overcome the steep climb past 500, you’ll need to acquire the new type of rewards found from completing the harder bounties and milestones. Similar to the Luminous Engrams from the original Destiny 2, Powerful Engrams are the rare loot you can find from completing key missions and milestones around the various planets and activities you can take part in. These Engrams house Legendary and Exotic gear–the latter of which have also seen reduced drop rates. In addition to Powerful Engrams, Prime Engrams have also been thrown into the mix.

While the Cryptarch Master Rahool has taken a less hands-on role with cracking open Engrams–most of which unlock instantly–you’ll need his help to open up Prime Engrams. Unlike Powerful Engrams, however, Prime Engrams require Prime Attunement, a special buff that comes only once a day. With the prime attunement, the special Engram can drop from powerful enemies in public events, Strikes, and Heroic missions, and from taking part in multiplayer matches. Though totally RNG-based, it’s generous enough where it will only take a few missions to see a drop. Interestingly enough, Prime Attunement can stack if you don’t take advantage of it on the day you receive it–it will carry over to the following day. The gains you can get from these special Engrams can offer up an increase of 5 power on the specific item, which may not seem a lot, but can go a long way in upping your strength. To sum it up, be sure to keep an eye out for powerful enemies in the strikes and heroic missions, and stay focused during PvP to get those drops.

Keep Up With Daily And Weekly Bounties

Though the usefulness of bounties took a backseat throughout the first year of Destiny 2 compared to the original game, Forsaken has brought them back in a big way. Over the course of the main story, you’ll interact with many of Destiny 2’s key characters, including newcomers Spider and The Drifter, along with other returning characters like Petra and the members of the Vanguard. Several of the key NPCs will offer daily and weekly bounties for you to take on. The bulk of these bounties don’t require much effort and can be accomplished while engaging in other activities. While a number of these tasks will only yield glimmer, materials, and other rewards, the resources gained can be turned in for rewards to vendors and NPCs.

However, there are several high-profile bounties that are far more challenging and only come once a week. Found from Petra and Spider, some of these bounties will task you with heading to some of the more obscure areas of Destiny 2’s worlds to find hidden targets. The higher-tiered bounties from Spider will have you confront the escapees from the Prison of Elders, while Petra’s bounties at the Dreaming City will task you with handling many of the new location’s unique events and missions, some of which are a bit more complex than they let on. But when it comes to bounties, always check in Petra and Spider to stay up to date on the newest goals they have to offer.

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Head To The Dreaming City

After finishing the main story, you’ll eventually gain entrance to the Dreaming City, the new end-game zone in Forsaken. While exploring the Dreaming City, you’ll find several events around the map that are a bit different from what’s available on the Tangled Shore and other planets. Once you visit Petra in The Strand, you can take on a number of bounties and pursuits, both of which can offer Powerful Engram rewards. From here, you can explore the area and engage with the key points within the Dreaming City.

One of Petra’s pursuits tasks you with completing an Ascendant Challenge, a new weekly activity bringing Guardians to the Taken realm. By using a Tincture of Queensfoil, found from public events and chests around the Dreaming City, you’ll gain access to a hidden portal on the map. Every week, this portal’s location is changed from three different areas, and they can only be found after consuming the aforementioned Tincture of Queensfoil. Inside the Ascendant Realm, you’ll engage with several powerful Taken while completing minor goals. It’s best to complete these with a group, as you can get easily overwhelmed. Completing the Ascendant Challenge pursuit from Petra will reward you with a Powerful Engram.

However, the clear standout in the Dreaming City is the public event known as The Blind Well. Similar to The Taken King’s Court of Oryx, it’s a multi-tiered activity within the open world that tasks players with taking out increasingly difficult waves of Scorn and Taken. While most players can take part in the first tier challenge of The Blind Well by using a Tier 1 Charge of Light (found from most activities in the field or by purchasing them from Petra), the upper tiers are much more difficult to carry out. With that said, Tier 1 of The Blind Well is manageable. To gain a guaranteed Powerful Engram, complete the Gateway Between Worlds pursuit from Petra by clearing the activity multiple times, which will earn you an Offering. Take this item to the Oracle Engine in The Dreaming City, located in the Spine of Keres, to collect your reward.

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Pace Yourself And Complete Milestone Challenges

Along with collecting Prime Engrams and completing bounties from Petra and Spider, the most important thing you can do to power up is to stay on top of your weekly and daily milestone challenges. From the director menu, you’ll be able to see the available activities across the various game modes and planets that will offer up Powerful Engrams. These include vanguard Strikes, Nightfalls, flashpoint, and clearing games in the Crucible and Gambit modes. Also, be sure to keep up with your clan bounties as well, as maxing your rep can also lead to powerful engram. Along with taking on the bounties from various NPC characters, you’ll be able to acquire materials and other rewards while clearing out these challenges.

As previously stated, the grind post 500 power will take some time to overcome. With the Raid requiring 550 power, and with yet another hill to climb once you hit 520, you’ll need to stay on to top of all these activities and bounties in order to reach Raid status in a reasonable amount of time. With that said, there’s still much to be gained from completing the game’s shifting challenges, which you get you up to right power level sooner than you think.

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