Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review – GamerKnights

GamerKnights has done a full review of the new “PES 2019” and why we thought it would be better than last year … well …


“They think its all UEFA, it is now: Pro Evolution Soccer has always struggled to get the licenses of juggernaut FIFA. But losing the Champions League and UEFA cup is arguably a body blow that Konami will struggle to recover from. Is Pro Evo as good as ever or like the new fatigue feature, is it on its last legs? Story: Konami still wont/ cant/ dont bother with a story mode. Instead, old stalwarts like the Be a Pro mode limp on with generic text screens, little interaction with other players or managers, or any great feeling of player progression. The awful menus and the writing style get more and more antiquated every year, with random words and phrases capitalised, and a style of written English that shows that very little effort has gone into the translation from the original Japanese.”

Author: N4G

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