Nintendo Switch Gets New NES Controllers, But Only For Online Subscribers

During Nintendo’s September Direct, the company announced a new Joy-Con controller for Switch. These new Joy-Cons are shaped like NES controllers, and you’ll only be able to buy them if you’re an online subscriber.

The new controllers have the same Joy-Con bluetooth connection, so you’ll be able to play wirelessly and charge your controller by connecting them to your Switch or a Nintendo charge station. That being said, you can’t use the controllers while they’re plugged into your Switch, so you can’t use them in handheld mode. Two controllers, a right and a left Joy-Con, are sold in each box for $60. Shipments of the controller begin in mid-December 2018.

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The biggest surprises were reserved for the end of the Direct. Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing’s Isabella is joining Villager in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A new, currently unnamed Animal Crossing game is coming to Switch in 2019 as well. Nintendo hasn’t announced any other details concerning the new game yet, so, like Metroid Prime 4, we’ll have to wait for another Direct down the line.

The last main series Animal Crossing game was 2012’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf, although there was a mobile spin-off–Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp–in 2017. We loved New Leaf, giving the game an 8/10 in our review.

Author: GameSpot

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