Pokemon Dev Reveals New Nintendo Switch RPG (And It’s Not Pokemon)

Nintendo’s September Direct was filled with surprise announcements for Switch, from Luigi’s Mansion 3 to another new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. On top of those, Nintendo gave fans their first look at a brand-new Switch RPG from Game Freak, the studio behind the mainline Pokemon series.

Tentatively titled “Town,” the game is set in “a village with a secret to hide.” The entire adventure unfolds within this town, which enjoyed peace and prosperity until monsters suddenly appeared. Players will need to battle these invaders by selecting from “a variety of battle commands.” They’ll also be able to enlist the aid of other villagers in certain situations.

Beyond that, Nintendo didn’t share many more details about Town, but the game is slated to launch for Switch sometime in 2019. Game Freak also has a “core” Pokemon RPG on the way for the console in the second half of that year, and before then, the studio is releasing Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee on November 16.

Regarding the latter, The Pokemon Company recently shared a trailer showcasing some new areas and attacks in the game. Like Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Let’s Go titles are eschewing HM moves completely; instead, players’ partner Pokemon will learn Secret Techniques that serve the same function, such as chopping down certain trees and crossing bodies of water. The trailer also provided a glimpse at Celadon City–one of the largest towns in the Kanto region–and its Gym Leader, the Grass-type Pokemon Trainer Erika.

There were many other reveals from the new Direct, including more details on the Nintendo Switch Online service and the announcement of Animal Crossing for Switch. You can find more news from the presentation below.

September 2018 Nintendo Direct News

Author: GameSpot

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