Lamplight City review | The Indie Game Website

The Indie Game Website writes: “New Bretagne, AKA Lamplight City. A city of corruption, crime, class divides and great technological advancement. Its 1844 in the US. Workers are struggling to find employment in the wake of a steam-powered industrial revolution. Youre Miles Fordham, a private investigator grappling with the incident that cost him his job as a detective.

Miles crosses a fine line between sacrificing his personal life for his work, taking sedatives to sleep at night and turning to alcohol to cope when all else fails. The detective turning to vices has been in fiction plenty of times, but there are some interesting scenes reflecting the devolving madness of a professional.

You encounter physical and mental barriers from being a former detective. Your senior officers deny the access you once had, and lingering self-doubts hinder you. The ultimate goal is to find closure in more ways than one.”

Author: N4G

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