Brutal Legend Xbox One Version Has All The Original Songs

Double Fine’s Brutal Legend–the studio’s best-selling game ever–launched on Xbox One today through the backwards compatibility catalog. The 2009 metal-themed action game featuring Jack Black as Eddie Riggs relies heavily on its excellent soundtrack.

With the game coming to Xbox One, it was unclear if Brutal Legend’s soundtrack would have to face any cuts due to licensing issues. Thankfully, it doesn’t. Double Fine’s Greg Rice tells GameSpot that the Xbox One version has “all the original music.”

The game features dozens of metal songs, including tunes from the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Black’s own Tenacious D, as well as 3 Inches of Blood, Skid Row, and Mastodon. It is an impressive soundtrack featuring a wide range of metal songs. The music is so deeply woven into the overall Brutal Legend experience, so it’s great to know that all of the original songs are in the Xbox One version.

Brutal Legend’s connection to metal goes deeper than songs alone. Ozzy Osbourne, Rob and Lita Halford, and Lemmy all voice characters in the game.

Brutal Legend, which was published by EA, was expected to be followed up with a sequel. However, Brutal Legend 2 was canceled back in 2010. Since then, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has time and again talked about wanting to return to the franchise someday, possibly even with Black.

Author: GameSpot

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