Marvel’s Loki, Scarlet Witch Getting Their Own TV Shows – Report

Disney’s new streaming service will include brand-new TV shows based on “beloved superheroes” who haven’t received their own movies. That’s according to a report from Variety, whose sources said there will be shows for Loki and Scarlet Witch, both of whom have appeared in numerous Marvel films, but haven’t had their own movies as of yet.

Intriguingly, Variety reports that Disney is looking for the movie actors to play the same roles in the TV shows, instead of going for a different cast. That means Tom Hiddleston is lined up to play Loki and Elizabeth Olsen tapped to play Scarlet Witch.

Each show will be 6-8 episodes, according to the report. They will be produced by Marvel Studios, and studio boss Kevin Feige is reportedly going to have a “hands-on” role in them.

Another important note from the report is that the new shows will focus on “second-tier” MCU characters, not topline ones like Captain America and Iron Man. No story details for the new shows were referenced in the report. You can read Variety’s full story here.

Disney’s upcoming streaming service is poised to be a rival of sorts to Netflix. It is reportedly due to launch at the end of 2019; details on subscription pricing has yet be announced.

The rumoured new superhero shows join the previously confirmed Season 7 for Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the Disney streaming service. What’s more, there will be a live-action Star Wars series on the new service, which will be set seven years after Return of the Jedi.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on Disney’s streaming service. In other Marvel news, the first full-length trailer for Captain Marvel has arrived–watch it here.

Author: GameSpot

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