What’s Up With Fortnite’s Mysterious Cube? Season 6 Theories

Fortnite‘s otherworldly cube continues to trudge along on its journey of destruction. But what does it all mean? The fans have passionately followed the exploits of the cube, and while its eventual Season 6 implications are still shrouded in mystery, the community is pretty sure it’s nailed down where it’s going.

A thread on the Fortnite subreddit has been tracking the cube’s movements, and even predicting them with some success. The cube, affectionately nicknamed “Kevin” and sometimes referred to as a “he,” has been sporadically changing its movement intervals and direction. Fans quickly realized that the runes it was “printing” in select spots on the map drew an image of a 3D cube. Kevin is very body-positive about his shape, apparently.

Tracking the path from that, fans ascertained that it was headed for the new Tilted Towers building. Sure enough, the cube plopped itself on top of the building and wrecked half of it. Now as it continues its movements, fans believe it’s heading towards the lake. Given its movements, it appears primed to reach that area around 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET today, Wednesday, September 19.

What happens when it reaches the lake is anybody’s guess. It could fall into the lake and begin the next phase of this slow world event. It could go straight down the middle of the dock and destroy more buildings on the way. Or it could even turn back to fake out the fans and head off somewhere else. Fans have speculated that it could drain or otherwise terraform the lake to reveal a new area entirely.

Whatever the cube has in store, it appears to be setting the stage for the next season. Season 5 is set to wrap up next week, on September 25. Epic tends to roll straight from one season into the next, so we’re likely to see Season 6 kick off then. While we wait for the cube to make its move, you may want to catch up on Season 5’s Challenges while you still can.

Author: GameSpot

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