Transference Gameplay 4K PC – Complete Playthrough

CG writes: Ubisoft release their cinematic thriller adventure experience Transference today on consoles and PC. The game is playable in 2D and VR as well which is pretty awesome. The VR experience is vastly and different to the 2D game in terms of immersion. Here are two videos showing off the gameplay. The first Transference gameplay 4K video showcases the entire experience from start to finish but is recorded from the 2D game (4K). The second video highlights the experience in VR with our thoughts as we play. Transference is a cool game to play and well worth checking out for VR players. The brevity (1.5 hours) might be a bit much though for players looking for a longer 2D game. One has to consider the asking price of under £20.99 or £18.99 early discount on Steam.

Author: N4G

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