Fortnite’s Cube Just Melted And Everyone On Twitter Is Freaking Out

The mysterious purple cube in Fortnite has finally stopped moving. It ended up falling into Loot Lake and melting. No one really knows why or what any of it means.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s actually happening in Fortnite right now. Weeks ago, a giant purple rift in the sky started shooting out lightning and destroying cacti. The final strike left behind a massive purple cube in the middle of the desert. Covered in strange glowing symbols, the cube reacted differently depending on how players interacted with it.

A few weeks after that, the cube suddenly began moving on its own and rolling across the map. It finally ended up splashing into Loot Lake, where it promptly melted and filled the once pristine water with a mysterious purple goo. As you might imagine, this chain of events has both excited and perplexed Fortnite’s players, who’ve taken to Twitter to discuss the latest developments.

Michael Anderson (@nminus1) immediately wanted to know what the new name for the lake should be. Loot Lake just doesn’t seem to do the body of water justice anymore.

We’re thinking Purple Pool or Leaping Lagoon. Why Leaping Lagoon? Because–as Martita (@MartitaaCano) discovered–the cube has made the entire body of water into a giant trampoline.

Jumping on the pool of water is more than just fun. @Bigus_Daddius discovered that bouncing on the lake while in the shopping cart can net you some seriously large rewards.

Whatever happens next, it seems like the cube is on its last legs before disappearing for good. Goodbye Fortnite cube. We’ll miss you.

If you want to see the new lake yourself, just jump into a round of battle royale in Fortnite. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Author: GameSpot

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