Pokemon Go’s Mewtwo Now Available In Raid Battles For The First Time

After their brief return as part of the Ultra Bonus Event, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have once again left Pokemon Go, but a new Legendary has taken their place. Mewtwo, the powerful Psychic-type from Pokemon Red and Blue, is now available in standard Raid Battles around the world, giving most players their first chance to capture it.

This isn’t the first time Mewtwo has appeared in Pokemon Go; the Legendary Psychic-type has been available for several months now, but it could previously only be found in EX Raids–an exclusive type of Raid Battle that players could only participate in if they receive an invitation. This restriction meant that most Pokemon Go users didn’t have a chance to fight one, let alone capture it, so its appearance in standard Raid Battles is a welcome sight.

As a Psychic-type, Mewtwo is weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost Pokemon, but its moves and sheer power may still pose a challenge even if you come prepared. Tyranitar seems like a natural counter to Mewtwo, but it’s vulnerable to Focus Blast, one of the Charged Attacks Mewtwo may potentially know. Scizor, thanks to its dual Bug/Steel typing, is a good choice to bring along, particularly if it knows a Bug attack.

As usual, if you manage to defeat Mewtwo in battle, you’ll be rewarded with Premier Balls and a chance to capture it. The Legendary Psychic-type will appear in Raid Battles until October 23, so you have until then to add one to your collection. You can find more tips on how to battle and catch it on the official Pokemon website.

While Mewtwo may no longer be exclusive to EX Raids, another powerful Psychic-type is set to take its place. Niantic has announced the DNA Pokemon Deoxys will begin appearing in EX Raids with the next cycle of invites. In order to qualify for an invitation, you will need to have recently won a Raid Battle at a “qualifying” Gym.

There was a lot happening in Pokemon Go this month. September’s Community Day took place on Saturday, September 22. On top of that, players still have a chance of hatching the previously region-exclusive Pokemon Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros from 7 km Eggs until September 30.

Author: GameSpot

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