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We’re weeks away from the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and Rockstar is ramping up with a steady stream of new details. Today the studio outlined the wide variety of fauna to be found in the Old West, which can be hunted, skinned, and sold in your spare time between missions.

The official blog shows several species, including deer, coyotes, wolves, vultures, eagles, alligators, bears, fish, gila monsters, and various horses. Hunting and fishing will provide you with food, crafting materials, and income. Your choice of weapon will impact the value of the meat or pelt, with the bow being your best bet for a clean kill. You can then skin and butcher the animal yourself or take it with you. If you leave an animal out for too long scavengers will come to take your kill before you can use it.

To get around, you’ll rely on your own animal companion, a trusty horse. There are 19 breeds of horse in all, and they can be captured and broken or bought from stables. Keeping your horse groomed and fed will contribute to its ratings for attributes like stamina and handling. Horses also have 59 different styles of coat, and you can customize your saddles, horns, stirrups, and spurs.

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Rockstar and Sony also announced a special PS4 Pro bundle that includes Red Dead Redemption 2, essentially at no additional charge. For more details check out our pre-order guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2 News And Details

Author: GameSpot

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