Final Season Of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Might Continue, But Many Questions Remain

The second episode in Telltale’s The Walking Dead final season season arrives on schedule this Tuesday, but with the massive layoffs from last week, will episodes Three and Four ever release? They might. Telltale announced today that “multiple potential partners” have come forward to “express interest” in helping Telltale release the final two episodes.

However, Telltale said it “can’t make any promises.” And even if a deal is secured with one of the potential partners, it may only be to complete and release the games “in some form.” You can read the full statement below.

Telltale shared no details on who the “potential partners” might be. And the wording about releasing the final two episodes “in some form” is less than encouraging. Whatever the case, Telltale said it hopes to “have answers for your other questions soon.”

Telltale’s “majority studio closure” was announced on Friday, and it resulted in 225 of the studio’s 250 people losing their jobs. In the wake of this announcement, many wondered what would happen to Telltale’s The Walking Dead and other franchises.

Given that The Walking Dead: Final Season was already in progress, fans were understandably concerned about if they would get to see how the story wraps up. There is also the matter of refunds. Players who pre-bought the season pass to get all the episodes may want a refund.

The character Clementine is at the heart of the story in The Walking Dead’s final season. Her voice actress, Melissa Hutchinson, said on Twitter that she was sad about Telltale’s closure and what it means for the fate of The Walking Dead. Hutchinson said she thought Telltale would release Episode Two and “that will be it.” This is a developing story, so things are changing all the time, it seems.

Author: GameSpot

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