Today’s New Fortnite Season 6 Skin Teaser Released

Season 6 of Fortnite draws ever closer. The new season of the massively popular battle royale game kicks off this week on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile, and developer Epic is continuing to build excitement for it by sharing more teaser images of what’s to come.

The first teaser, which dropped on Monday, gave us a look at a strange llama DJ–presumably one of the cosmetics players will be able to get their hands on during Season 6. Tuesday’s teaser continues that trend, showing off an outlaw outfit that you’ll likely be able to obtain during the new season. Like the first image, this one is also set against the infamous purple cube that recently plunged into Loot Lake.

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Whereas previous seasons of Fortnite have adhered to a general theme–Season 4, for instance, was loosely themed around movies–the purple cube seems to be the unifying element of Season 6. The mysterious object has been the subject of much intrigue since it first appeared on the island in August, following a massive lightning storm. Soon after it materialized, it began slowly rolling around the map until it ultimately sank in Loot Lake.

It’s still unclear what this development portends for Season 6, but it had an immediate effect on the environment. After plunging in, the entire lake turned purple and took on the same characteristics as the cube, propelling players into the air when they came in contact with the surface.

Epic continually refreshes various aspects of Fortnite’s map with each season, so there will almost certainly be more changes in store for the island once Season 6 rolls around. The new season begins on all platforms this Thursday, September 27.

Author: GameSpot

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