Destiny 2’s New Crucible Mode, Breakthrough, Now Available

Destiny 2 has kicked off a new competitive multiplayer mode, so you can start trying it out right now. The new Breakthrough mode is available for all players on a special playlist starting today, but owners of Forsaken can play it in private matches as well.

Breakthrough takes place across multiple phases. The first is an area control phase in which both teams clash over a central zone. Capturing it gives one team the control of the Breaker, while the losing team continues to attempt to capture the zone and get the Breaker for themselves. Meanwhile, whichever team is controlling the Breaker uses it to hack the enemy team’s Vault. That will start a time limit to win the round, and the best of three wins the match.

Starting today, September 25, the mode is only in the Weekly Featured Playlist, but it will be added to the more general Competitive playlist on October 2. You can play Breakthrough on the Equinox, Firebase Echo, Citadel, and Convergence maps. PlayStation 4 owners can play it on Gambler’s Ruin too.

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This is the second new mode to launch since Forsaken, the first being the new PvP/PvE mixture Gambit Mode. Check out GameSpot’s Destiny 2 review-in-progress for our thoughts on the online shooter.

Author: GameSpot

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