New Joaquin Phoenix Joker Photo Shows A Sad Clown

Joaquin Phoenix’s turn to play Joker looks to be a very different one. Judging by the official photos released so far, this version of the iconic supervillain is a much more human character, complete with a backstory that appears to include time as an actual circus clown. We saw some circus-style make-up, and now a new photo shows the rest of the outfit.

Director Todd Phillips released the photo on his Instagram, with the caption “Work.” It shows star Joaquin Phoenix in full and much cleaner clown make-up, including a frizzy-green bald wig, plaid jacket, and oversized red and blue shoes. It appears to be a set photo with film equipment laying around rather than a production still from the actual movie.

The first official look at Phoenix in the upcoming film was similarly unconventional. Rather than the menacing villain you may expect from a supervillain story, we got a greasy-haired sad sack. That would appear to take cues the Joker’s origin story in some of the comics, in which he’s a pathetic failed comedian who bungles his way into the industrial accident.

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Meanwhile, a second movie featuring Joker is in production as well. It’s a Suicide Squad spin-off featuring a love story between Joker and Harley Quinn, which the directors describe as Bad Santa meets This Is Us. They also say that Harley kidnapping Dr. Phil will be a major plot point. Another Quinn movie, Birds of Prey, is slated for February 7, 2020.

Author: GameSpot

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