Fortnite Shares Another New Skin Teaser Image Ahead Of Season 6

We’re less than a day away from the start of Season 6 in Fortnite. The new season kicks off on all platforms this Thursday, September 27, and as it has done for the past several days, developer Epic Games has shared another teaser image that gives fans a glimpse at what is likely one of the new skins they’ll soon be able to get.

The new teaser, which you can see below, shows off a werewolf character set against the infamous purple cube that has been the source of so much speculation in the game. This is the third teaser Epic has dropped in the lead up to Season 6; the first featured a robotic llama, while the second featured a bandit character.

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Epic hasn’t shared many details on what players can expect from Season 6, so it remains to be seen whether it will follow a loose theme, as Seasons 4 and 5 did, and what other changes are in store for the game. Given its prominence in the teaser images, though, it seems guaranteed that the aforementioned purple cube will play a prominent role.

If you haven’t been following Fortnite the past few weeks, a mysterious cube materialized on the island after the desert was struck by a lightning storm back in August. As players quickly discovered, the cube had some unusual properties; standing near it would rejuvenate their shields, while striking it would cause them to be launched backward. Soon after it appeared, the cube began slowly rolling around the island, ultimately plunging into Loot Lake and turning it purple and bouncy.

With Season 6 on the horizon, Sony has reversed its controversial stance on cross-play. The company has kicked off an “extended cross-play open beta,” finally allowing PS4 players to play with and share their progress across other platforms.

Author: GameSpot

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