Stardew Valley’s Music Gets More Peaceful In New Piano Album, Listen To A Track Here

Here at GameSpot, we adored the peaceful farming simulator Stardew Valley. Among its standout features is its music, which is serene and calming. A new album puts the music that developer and programmer Eric Barone wrote in an even more relaxing tone.

The Stardew Valley Piano Collections album launches on October 5, and GameSpot can premiere a new video track for the album today. “Spring: It’s A Big World Outside” is among the album’s more striking tracks, and it’s a delight to listen to in its new piano fashion.

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The song was performed on piano by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, working off Barone’s composition and Matthew Bridgham’s arrangement. The track was mastered by Jeff Gallindo from The Bakery. The lovely-looking art, which you can see above, was done by mnstrcndy, and designed by Rozen.

Bridgham says in the liner notes that his wife told him about Stardew Valley last November, and after spending time with the game, he found it changed his life in a positive way.

“The rest of that year was spent improving my farm and, in the process, improving my life,” he says. “Honestly. With every seed I planted sowed a greater sense of clarity in my mind. Never had a game had such a deep and immediate grip on my attention.”

“As to be expected, the three contrasting pieces from each of the four seasons made it on this album, as did the overture and the music that plays in town,” Bridgham adds. “I feel that these tracks really capture the everyday grind of loading up the game, waking up in the current season, and walking into town to buy seeds – unless it is Wednesday. (Pierre!)”

Stardew Valley Piano Collections will be available on discs in Q4 2018, which is also when the album’s sheet music will arrive. You can pre-order the digital album today for $12 to instantly get five tracks to either stream or download in MP3 and FLAC formats. Digital sheet music is available in PDF for $15, while the physical sheet music and CD version are coming later this year as mentioned.

You can find out more about the Stardew Valley Piano Collections album here on Bandcamp.

Author: GameSpot

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