Fortnite Season 6 Map And New Locations: Floating Island, Haunted Castle, And More

As part of Fortnite Season 6, developer Epic Games has given the Island on which people build, break, loot, and kill as part of the game’s Battle Royale mode some tweaks. As detailed in the Fortnite update 6.0 patch notes, there are a number of new locations to check out, and the map has been updated to reflect this.

Although it might be tricky to tell exactly what’s changed without actually being on the ground and exploring yourself, there’s a few changes that you can see on the map immediately. First of all, loot lake is now been blackened, with a smaller land mass visible in the middle. This landmass is now a floating island, which players can reach by gliding onto it, building up to it, or jumping into the lake and being bounced up to it.

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The other big change to the map is the new corrupted areas, which you can see on the map as black spots. These provide a nice new visual change for players to enjoy, but there also might be some secrets hidden away in them. The patch notes outright name four new locations for Season 6: Floating Island, Corrupted Areas, Corn Fields, Haunted Castle. However, the notes also advise players to “drop in and find the rest in-game,” so there’s bound to be plenty more. Take a look at the new-look map above.

The other major new addition that arrives with Season 6 is Pets. As you might have guessed, this feature allows you to play the game with a little critter joining you on your journey. There’s also a new consumable called Shadow Stones.

The latest updated also throws the Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives into the Vault. However, these weapons and items are available to use in Playgrounds. Take a look at the full Fortnite update 6.0 patch notes here.

Author: GameSpot

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