Fortnite Season 6 Update: What’s New? Skins, Battle Pass, Map, Pets, And More Big Additions

Epic Games has done a fantastic job of ensuring that Fortnite keeps its fans engaged by regularly dropping in fresh content to unlock and giving aspects of the gameplay new twists. For Season 6, there’s a whole bunch of new items to unlock, but also plenty of gameplay opportunities to discover, ranging from bouncing around on Loot Lake to turning into ghosts by using the Shadow Stone (which has now been disabled due to a bug). Those are just a couple of them, but below you’ll find a complete breakdown of everything new to Fortnite from the Season 6 update.

Fortnite Update 6 Full Patch Notes

Fortnite Season 6 launched alongside patch 6.0, which introduces a number of new features, changes, and tweaks. In addition to the Battle Pass refresh, which delivers over 100 new cosmetic items to unlock, there’s Pets, location overhauls, weapons and items put in to the vault, and more. Check out the full Fortnite 6.0 patch notes for all the details.

New Map Locations

The island on which Fortnite’s battle royale takes place has undergone multiple changes across the various seasons thus far, and Season 6 is no different. Epic Games has confirmed that there are at least four new locations to check out: Floating Island, Corrupted Areas, Corn Fields, and Haunted Castle. Players have been directed to “drop in and find the rest in-game,” indicating there are further secrets to be found on the island.

Battle Pass Skins And Other Rewards

With over 100 new cosmetic items to unlock as part of the Battle Pass for Season 6, Fortnite players are going to have a busy time grinding challenges and racking up kills in Battle Royale. To give everyone a target to strive for, we’ve put together a complete gallery of every reward in the Battle Pass, so you can see all the skins, bling, sprays, emotes, banner icons, and music added in the season.

Cool New Evolving Skins

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We’ve got a specific article where you can have a look at the new skins. Although all the skins are cool, there’s two specifically that are particularly worthy of attention. The first is a Legendary skin called Calamity, which levels up and transforms a female character from a standard model wearing a cowboy hat, shorts, and a t-shirt to someone straight out of Bloodborne. Similarly, the Dire legendary outfit takes a male character and transforms him into a werewolf, clearly inspired by the movie Teen Wolf.

Battle Pass Details

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 6’s Battle Pass. Although players can complete challenges and unlock some rewards without having to pay money, to make the most of Fortnite Season 6 you’ll need to purchase a Battle Pass, which is available in-game for 950 V-Bucks.


The other big new addition is Pets. There are currently three of them, and they’ll hang with in your time in the game. There’s three Pets in total right now, and you can see them here. Naturally, they’re very cute, but they also react to the world around them, growling when you enter combat and looking terrified if you jump from crazy heights, which is a nice touch.

Challenge Guides

Of course, all the unlockables in Season 6 require you to complete challenges and level up the Battle Pass. As always, we’re to help with that. You can find the Fortnite Season 6, Week 1 challenge guide and an overall Season 6 challenge guide.

Author: GameSpot

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