Assault Spy review – ChristCenteredGamer

Assault Spy is a 3D stylish” action game heavily inspired by the Devil May Cry series. Our main character is Asaru Vito, a salaryman who is also a corporate spy for the country of Japam. Hes actually quite competent at his job or at least he was until he was forced to have a sidekick, an irritating yet smug little girl by the name of Kanoko Yotsuba. She wastes no time getting in harm’s way, while constantly mocking Asaru for every blunder he makes (no thanks to her of course). Their latest mission is for reconnaissance of the Negabot mega corporation, but as they were on their way to the building, Negabot becomes part of a hostile takeover by Mr. Showtime and his assistant, Chidori. Now, Asaru and Kanoko are forced to save Negabot from the unknown terrorists. Along the way he comes across Irene Yoneda, the development manager of Negabot, and Kazama, a rival spy from another organization.

Author: N4G