Overwatch’s Ashe Is Live On PTR; See Her First Skins Here

Overwatch has wasted no time adding its newest character to the public test realm, where PC players can try out new updates before they’re ready to roll out wide on all platforms. The new character Ashe just debuted at BlizzCon on Friday, and she’s already available to try out.

As detailed in a panel at BlizzCon, Ashe’s main weapon is a lever-action rifle with a speedy firing mode or a slower mode down the sights. Her secondary is a sawed-off shotgun, and she can also lob dynamite with a delayed fuse timer. Finally, her Ultimate ability calls in B.O.B., her robot bodyguard/butler to do some damage of his own.

Ashe was revealed in an animated short called “Reunion,” which hinted at her history with McCree. As a former member of the Deadlock gang, he abandoned his crew to join the good guys and apparently made a few enemies in the process. You can check out the Ashe gameplay video to see more of her in action. Naturally, the update also adds a wide array of skins to change Ashe’s look. You can see them all below.

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To access the PTR on your PC, open and select “PTR: Overwatch” as the Region. Ashe is just one of many heroes coming down the pipe, as Blizzard said it has six new heroes planned. It also debuted a new set of Overwatch Lego for those who prefer to go hands on with their tiny heroes.

Author: GameSpot

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