Can Magic: The Gathering Arena Compete With Hearthstone?

BY JARED JONES: Magic: the Gathering Arena, or MTGA, has been in open beta for a little while now. The Magic: The Gathering franchise was released in 1993 and it could be considered the king of trading card games, due to its longevity and worldwide prevalence.

The Magic franchise hasnt been as successful online, as its various digital renditions havent quite reflected its real-world success. The franchise has had its own online platform, and a few small-scale incarnations on consoles and Steam, known as Duels of the Planeswalkers. However, these games failed to pick up any sort of notable traction. Instead, it was Blizzards Hearthstone that took up the spotlight when it comes to online trading card games, standing out from its many competitors.

Author: N4G

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