Sam’s Club Black Friday 2018 Early Ad Deals — PS4, Xbox One, TVs, And More

Black Friday 2018 is set to officially kick off on November 23 but retailers are getting people primed to spend their hard-earned cash by revealing their ads early. For those looking to drop some dollars on new entertainment hardware, games, or pretty much anything else, this is actually pretty helpful as you can compare prices to find the best deals ahead of time.

Walmart’s Black Friday ad is already available, and you can also get an early peek at Best Buy’s and Target’s too. Now, Sam’s Club has also unveiled its ad a little early, and we’ve gone through to pick out everything that may be of interest to anyone that loves to park themselves in front of a screen to enjoy a movie, game, or TV show.

As noted on the Sam’s Club website, customers will need to return on November 22 for more event pricing, and many of the deals visible in the advert now may not be available until that date too. For someone looking to do a complete overhaul of their setup–and has a lot of cash to work with–the retailer is offering a 75″ Samsung 4K TV along with an Xbox One S (1TB) for $2,280.

In terms of console specific deals, you can get the PlayStation 4 1TB with Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for $199. It’s worth keeping in mind that this is the slim version of the PS4, and not the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro. If you’re in the market for an Xbox One, the S model is available as part of the Minecraft Creators bundle for $199. Again, if you want the most powerful Xbox One on the market, you’ll need to seek out deals on the Xbox One X instead.




Author: GameSpot

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