Every Hitman Mission, Ranked from Worst to Best

Hardcore Gamer: “The long running Hitman franchise has never been better. Sure, you could make the argument that Blood Money is still the top tier Hitman experience, but IO Interactive continues to innovate on the tried-and-true formula. With the recent release of Hitman 2 on Friday for those who purchased the Gold Edition (with Silver and standard edition buyers having to wait until tomorrow), we decided to put together a list of every Hitman mission ranked. Because there are so many in the entire series, we are limiting this list to everything since the episodic (soft) reboot launched two years ago, and we wont be ranking tutorial missions or sniper challenges such as The Vector, either. These will be the full fledged missions alongside any of the bonus missions released between 2016 and 2018. This means well also be adding Patient Zero which was put in with the Game of the Year Edition last year. We will try to avoid too many spoilers, but read cautiously if you dont want some…

Author: N4G

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