Fortnite Bringing Back NFL Jersey Skins In Time For The Super Bowl

Epic Games recently partnered up with the NFL to bring officially licensed jersey skins for all 32 teams to Fortnite, but they rotated out of the store earlier this week. If you missed out, the good news today is that Epic has confirmed it’s bringing the jersey skins back in the future.

A representative for Epic Games told The Wall Street Journal’s Sarah Needleman that the jersey skins will return to Fortnite’s in-game store sometime before the Super Bowl in February. No further specifics are available at this time, however.

The NFL jersey skins were available to buy in Fortnite’s in-game store for a few days before cycling out, as pretty much all Fortnite cosmetics do. Epic’s partnership with the NFL for jersey skins marked the first time Epic teamed up with an outside company or organisation to sell skins. You can only imagine what other partnership Epic could be lining up for the future.

The NFL jersey skins in Fortnite led to some amount of controversy for reasons you can definitely gather for yourself. Both Epic Games and the NFL declined to comment about this drama when approached by WSJ.

Author: GameSpot

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