Castlevania Showrunner Reveals New Devil May Cry Show

The showrunner of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Castlevania series, Adi Shankar, has announced his next project. IGN has revealed that Shankar is working on a new animated series based on Capcom’s popular action franchise, Devil May Cry.

No specific details about the series have been announced yet, but Shankar told IGN he “acquired [the Devil May Cry] rights [himself] so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” He also said the series will, along with Castlevania, be a part of what is team is referring to as “the bootleg multiverse.” Shortly after the news broke, Shankar shared a photo of himself on Twitter dressed like Devil May Cry Protagonist Dante.

Prior to the reveal, rumors were rampant about what video game series Shankar would be adapting into a TV series next. The speculation began when he posted a photo on Instagram stating he’s “working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic video game series into a series.” Soon after, The Wrap reported that Shankar was in talks to produce a series based on the Legend of Zelda franchise.

The Castlevania series premiered on Netflix in July 2017. Its second season arrived on the streaming service last month and is comprised of eight episodes. In our Castlevania Season 2 review, we wrote, “Although the seventh episode is full of slick action and exciting confrontations, it remains true that much of the season is spent introducing us to new characters while the existing ones–the ones you care about if you enjoyed Season 1–do little but mope and tread water.”

Shortly after the premiere of Season 2, Netflix confirmed the Castlevania series is being renewed for a third season. No release date has been announced yet, but the next season will consist of 10 episodes and once again feature director Sam Deats and writer/executive producer Warren Ellis. Shankar, Fred Seibert, and Kevin Kolde will all also return as executive producers.


Author: GameSpot

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