Enzo Amore Appears At WWE Survivor Series, Promptly Kicked Out

At WWE events, you can always expect to see famous people sitting in the front rows, especially at major PPVs. However, at this year’s Survivor Series, the audience got to see former wrestler Enzo Amore, and those sitting by him got a whole show before he was booted from the arena.

Sitting in the second row, in full view of the hard cameras, Eric Arndt, known by WWE fans as Enzo Amore, arrived to this year’s Survivor Series during the Seth Rollins/Shinsuke Nakamura match. He was wearing a hoodie and keeping his head low throughout the match, as first noticed by comic book writer Mario Candelaria, who was sitting two rows behind him.

During the AOP vs. The Bar match, Arndt got up and starting making a scene, but the cameras quickly cut away. Those watching the PPV at home missed out on what many have described as Enzo being Enzo.

Photo by Mario Candelaria
Photo by Mario Candelaria

Arndt stood up, spung around, and did was sounded like a typical Enzo promo, all while holding a custom championship belt, according to Candelaria who sent GameSpot an image from the moment. Security forcefully threw Arndt from the chair he was sitting in, and Arndt ran out of the area. Apparently, people were hurt when this went down and the LAPD is currently taking statements from the audience.

Many who noticed Amore in the crowd prior to his hijacking of the show thought Amore was going to get involved in the ring somehow. Back in January, Arndt was released from WWE after the company found out about an ongoing sexual assault case, which turned out to be false. However, many insiders say that this was the last straw for WWE as Arndt caused numerous problems backstage.

The former WWE star is no stranger to getting kicked out of things after making a scene. Earlier this week, Arndt was booted from a Delta flight after refusing to stop vaping on an airplane before takeoff, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. As he was being escorted off the place, some hero yelled, “How you doin’?”

However, Survivor Series continues, so make sure to check out our live coverage of the event.

Author: GameSpot

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