Destiny 2: Ascendant Challenge Location Guide (Nov. 20-27)

Among the most notable aspects of the Destiny 2 weekly reset is the latest Ascendant Challenge for those who own the Forsaken DLC. This is the end of the six-week cycle of challenges, and it’s one of the most spookiest and most involved. Here’s where to find the Taken portal and what to do once you’re inside.

As always, the first step is to pick up the Ascendant Challenge from Petra–this is what nets you a piece of Powerful gear for completing it. Once that’s done, make sure you have a Tincture of Queensfoil. With that in hand, you’ll enter the Lost Sector in Rheasilvia. You’ll need to make your way through the entire thing, as the portal is located just behind the chest that unlocks after killing the boss. While optional, you might as well complete the Lost Sector to make things easier on yourself. With that out of the way, use the Tincture to gain the Ascendance buff, which allows you to see the Taken portal. The exact location can be seen in the video above and map below.

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Jump through the portal to head to Cimmerian Garrison, located in the Ascendant Plane. Here, you’ll be faced with what amounts to a gauntlet–you’ll need to make your way through and kill an enemy at the end. Once you go inside, you’ll be chased by three knights. As you progress, you’ll have to deal with various enemies, including hobgoblins, shriekers, and thrall with yellow health bars. Take them out as you go, and you’ll reach a point where you have to platform across some rocks (because it wouldn’t be an Ascendant Challenge without some first-person platforming). Along the way, be mindful of the Taken corruption that will periodically explode with a blast of energy, which can send you falling you to your death if you aren’t careful.

Once you’re done platforming, you’ll have to kill a knight to finish things out, but beware the shrieker that spawns nearby. With the knight dead, open the chest to complete the Ascendant Challenge. There may not be any special rewards inside there, but you’ll get a piece of Powerful gear for turning in the associated bounty.

This week’s reset marks the end of the Iron Banner, but there’s something new to keep players engaged through the next week: bonus Infamy points in Gambit. If you’re trying to finish any Season 4 Gambit Triumphs (or any other timed Triumphs, for that matter), you’ll want to take advantage–Season 4 draws to a close at the next weekly reset on November 27. The start of Season 5 will see some info on the next expansion to Destiny, The Black Armory. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something else to do, you can always go earn the game’s latest Exotic, Thunderlord, now that its three-week quest is fully unlocked.

Author: GameSpot

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