Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “Overview” Reviews Everything You Need To Know

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is right around the corner, staking its claim to the usually dormant release month of December. It’s a massive iteration of the classic arcade fighter franchise, with a wealth of power-ups, modes, and options. To help keep them all straight, Nintendo has released a lengthy trailer.

The Overview trailer goes over the broad selection of characters and stages, the various types of power-ups you can expect to see, the Adventure mode, new Spirits mode, various multiplayer modes and options, Amiibo support, and more. It’s a very thorough look at all Smash Bros. Ultimate has to offer, clocking in at more than seven minutes long. It’s also all narrated to comedic effect by the Smash announcer.

Not quite all of the developments from previous Smash games are making the transition, though. We recently learned that it won’t let you set custom moves like you could in Smash 4 on Wii U and 3DS. And while you can train your fighters with the Amiibo functionality, some of the new roster additions aren’t coming in figurine form until next year. We did, however, get a nice look at some of the newest fighters in action.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming on December 7. Check out our guide to everything we know for more details.

Author: GameSpot

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