Monster Hunter Movie Photo Shows A Giant Jawblade

The Monster Hunter series is known for its loot, as players defeat enormous beasts for parts so they can craft some stylish duds and weapons from their bones and skins. Our first look at the upcoming Monster Hunter film starring Milla Jovovich and Ron Perlman shows that aspect is definitely making the transition to the big screen.

In the movie still shared by Sony, we see Jovovich and costar Tony Jaa dressed in some post-apocalyptic leathers and metals. But it’s Jaa’s weaponry that really catches the eye. In one hand he’s brandishing a massive sword that appears to be the Giant Jawblade, while the other hand holds a more obscured bone-bow.

That signals that the movie will be true to the series in at least one aspect: the concept of hunters crafting their gear out of the fallen remains of monsters is alive and well. Presumably after completing a hunt they won’t have to farm it a dozen more times to get the full set.

Jovovich plays Artemis, a UN military commander who gets transported to a different universe crawling with beasts. She teams up with Hunter (Jaa) to close the portal and keep the monsters from coming to earth. Along the way they’ll meet up with familiar characters from the universe like the Admiral. It’s being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also directed his wife Jovovich in adaptations of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise. A release date has not been announced.

Author: GameSpot

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