Cities: Skylines – Industries – Review (Portugal Gamers)

Cities: Skylines was released in March 2015 for PC . And although it has received versions later for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch it was always in the PC that the game gained more prominence, since by the hands of Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive , the game of simulation and city management received several DLCs and until even a few hundred mods.

But a very common problem in games of this style is that their DLCs are not always up to baseline, and when we have one of the most acclaimed games of its kind, this task becomes a considerable challenge. They can, however, be rested – the latest expansion of Cities: Skylines , titled “Industries,” fulfilled that challenge to perfection and went even further.

Launched in late October this year, Industries , as its name already indicates, further broadens the industrial sectors of the game, bringing together familiar mechanics to any Cities: Skylines player who knows the district systems, and ultimately bringing a…

Author: N4G

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