Hands On: Fallout 76’s Massive 47GB Patch Does Nothing to Improve the Game’s Awful Performance

Rober Ramsey: “Earlier this week, Fallout 76 update 1.02 launched on PlayStation 4. The colossal 47GB patch promised performance improvements, specifically a fix for the game’s stuttering issue. Those of you who have read our review of the release will already know that we highlighted this problem because it has a substantial negative impact on general gameplay. The stuttering occurs both in and out of combat, and stutters often mean that your inputs aren’t registered. The game’s clunky to begin with, but the stuttering makes it unbearable at times.

But guess what? Update 1.02 didn’t fix the stuttering. In fact, it barely improves the title’s technical performance in any noticeable way.”

Author: N4G

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