Hitman 2 – Review (Portugal Gamers)

The most famous assassin in the world is back, this time in the direct sequel to Hitman [2016] , Hitman 2 . Agent 47 will have to find a way to eliminate the new targets present on his journey, and for that he will have to use all his creativity to gather more points and become even more lethal.

Hitman 2 emerges after the studio IO Interactive cease to be part of Square Enix’s cadres, becoming an independent studio, which, like many, saw the closure of doors for financial unsustainability. It was then that Warner Bros. appeared . , who grabbed into the studio by becoming the publisher of the Danish company. This was undoubtedly a key point that took IO Interactive out of the streets of bitterness, also saving a game that is very cherished by all stealth fans.

Unlike Hitman [2016] , his sequel is not released episodically. This time the game has come to us in its entirety. However, following its predecessor, this game consists of individual missions that are interconnected thro…

Author: N4G

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