Best Nintendo Switch MicroSD Card Deals For Cyber Monday

If you’ve recently picked up a Nintendo Switch for yourself or a loved one or you just want to have a better experience with the Switch you already own, getting a MicroSD card is a must. The Switch’s internal storage isn’t very large, but by adding some memory you can keep all of your digital purchases on the system without swapping out game carts. Cyber Monday is offering loads of good deals on lots of storage.

Starting on the low end, you can pick up a Samsung 64 GB card for just $11 today at Amazon. From there, cards range from 128 GB ($20) all the way to 400 GB ($126). Similarly, Best Buy has cards ranging from $12 for 64 GB to $20 for 128 GB. You can check out the line-up of deals below.

Cyber Monday has brought its own raft of good deals on Nintendo Switch consoles and accessories as well. You can get a Switch with a $50 GameStop gift card at GameStop, a Switch with a $35 eShop gift card from Best Buy. Target has discounts on both Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons. And lots of games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are on sale as well.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s own eShop is having a Cyber Monday sale of its own. That means deals on the digital versions of lots of Switch games, like NBA 2K19 ($30), Dead Cells ($20), and Celeste ($16). Loading up your system with digital purchases makes it all the more important to have plenty of storage on hand with a MicroSD card. In fact, some games like NBA 2K19 require an SD card for additional storage.

For more cheap games and hardware check out our roundups of Cyber Monday discounts. Be quick, though. While some deals are running for a few days, several are only available on Cyber Monday itself.

Author: GameSpot

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