Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Deal: $60 For Cyber Monday

Black Friday might have come and gone, but the deals aren’t over just yet, thanks to Cyber Monday. There are still some great opportunities to save money on gaming stuff, especially if you’re in the market for spare controllers for your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo charges a whopping $80 for a set of its Joy-Con controllers, but for Cyber Monday, you can knock a good chunk off that price.

Target is offering most varieties of Joy-Cons at a 13% price reduction right now, bringing down the cost from $80 to $70. The retailer is also offering a store-wide cut of 15% off everything, only for Cyber Monday. That brings the price down to $59.49 before taxes, and Target will ship you your Joy-Cons for free.

Note that to see the full discount from the 15% reduction, you’ll have to go to the checkout screen with the Joy-Cons in your shopping cart. There are also Joy-Con varieties, like the set of two blue controllers, that don’t have the 13% discount and so come only get the Cyber Monday 15% off–keep an eye on the price in the cart to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can.

Given how expensive Joy-Cons are in general, this is a solid chance to grab spare controllers to facilitate some multiplayer mayhem in Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Party, and the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Take advantage of Cyber Monday and dig into more Nintendo Switch deals on games and other gear, including the much-loved Pro Controller for $50. And be sure to check out all our roundups of other Cyber Monday deals for more major discounts.

Author: GameSpot

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