A New Furry Fighter Joins Mutant Year Zero’s Anthropomorphic Squad

The Bearded Ladies Consulting, developer of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, has revealed Farrow, a new fox character for the upcoming X-COM-inspired tactical game. Mutant Year Zero is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 4, so the new character comes as a last-minute surprise.

Farrow is described as an assassin who specializes in stealth tactics, equipped with gear and skills that give her the ability to move quickly yet silently through a battlezone. She will fight alongside the two previously known characters, the iconic duck, Dux, and the grizzly looking boar, Bormin. Farrow’s skillset will compliment Bormin’s explosive launcher and tank-like defense, as well as Dux’s preference for long-ranged sniper attacks.

Mutant Year Zero's newest survivor, Farrow the fox.
Mutant Year Zero’s newest survivor, Farrow the fox.

Mutant Year Zero’s reveal earlier this year struck a chord thanks to its unusual cast, and it was given a bump in the public eye thanks to Microsoft’s recent announcement of its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass program at XO18.

The Bearded Ladies dev team is made up of former Hitman and Payday developers, and Mutant Year Zero is based on a popular pen and paper RPG from Sweden, simply titled ‘Mutant’. In addition to releasing on Xbox One, the game will also arrive on PC and on PlayStation 4 early next month.

Author: GameSpot

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