Fortnite: When Does Season 7 Start?

Fortnite‘s Week 10 challenges have arrived on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, which means Season 6 of the hit battle royale game is winding down. Now that the final batch of challenges are available, you only have a few more days to complete them and unlock any remaining Season 6 Battle Pass rewards before Season 7 kicks off.

Developer Epic Games still hasn’t confirmed when Season 7 of Fortnite will begin, but according to the game’s website, Season 6 is slated to run until Thursday, December 6. That doesn’t necessarily confirm that the new season will begin immediately after; for instance, Season 6 began two days after Season 5 concluded. That said, it does give us an indication of when we can expect it to start.

As for what awaits in Season 7, Epic has been characteristically silent about the new season, although as per usual, it has been dropping some subtle hints about it within the game itself. In the lead up to nearly every season thus far, players would begin witnessing some unusual happenings around the island, such as the arrival of the mysterious purple cube prior to the start of Season 6, and that trend has continued this season with the appearance of distant clouds in the ocean surrounding the island.

Since players first began to notice these clouds, there have been other subtle indications that the temperature around the island has been dropping, hinting that Season 7 could be winter-themed. It appears the mysterious clouds are also shrouding an iceberg that is slowly approaching the island. What this portends for Season 7 is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s another indication that a new snowy area may be on the way to the game.

Until then, you still have a little more time to complete any remaining Season 6 challenges. Week 10’s selection features a couple of tricky missions, including a vehicle timed trial challenge and one that tasks you with visiting a camel, Viking ship, and crashed Battle Bus. You can find tips for completing all of the tasks from this season in our comprehensive Season 6 challenges roundup.

Author: GameSpot

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