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Cefore is a 3D physics-based puzzle game where you must use remote-activated explosions to gather blue cubes. These blue cubes have to be knocked off of things such as boxes or ledges. The game starts off with a rather simple tutorial, explaining how the controls and items work. The first few levels have you using small explosives, which can be primed with the left-click, and detonated with the B key. If you happen to misplace an explosive, you can right-click the placed explosives or click the undo button on the screen to return them to your inventory. That right mouse button is also used to pan the camera around. The camera work is very well done in this game, as you have complete control over it, and it will never move unless manually operated. I do wish that the undo action also had a key bind, as there is plenty of space for it. Oddly enough, Cefore doesnt have key remapping either.

Author: N4G

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