Far Cry: New Dawn Takes You To A Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry 5

The next game in the Far Cry series is spinning off in a new direction–the post-apocalypse. Ubisoft announced Far Cry: New Dawn at The Game Awards 2018, and it plays of the ending of Far Cry 5 that saw nuclear bombs falling across the world. Far Cry: New Dawn picks up 17 years after the world has been reduced largely to ruins, and lets you fight your way through the aftermath in Far Cry 5’s Hope County.

Taking place on a transformed version of the map from Far Cry 5, New Dawn puts players on the side of survivors as they battle against the Highwaymen, a group of murderous scavengers who’ve taken over the whole area. They’re led by the even more murderous twins, Mickey and Lou, two women who rule the Highwaymen with a pair of iron fists. The Highwaymen are looking to strip the resources of the relatively prosperous Hope County, which is finally starting to bounce back years after nuclear war and the following nuclear winter.

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To counter them, you’ll build up Prosperity, a base location where the survivors of Hope County congregate. The more resources and effort you devote to Prosperity will strengthen the community there, giving you the ability to build new weapons from items you scavenge from the ruins of the old world. You’ll also be able to train various Guns for Hire, characters you can take into battle with you in the world.

A big new element to the Far Cry franchise in New Dawn is the ability to access Expeditions from Prosperity. Though most of the game takes place in Hope County, you’ll also be able to visit locations across the country in the post-apocalypse, seeing how different areas have fared over the past 17 years. These missions have you invading Highwaymen bases in a variety of places, either stealthily or guns blazing, to steal resources and escape with your life.

New Dawn will run you $40 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC when it launches on February 15.

Author: GameSpot

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