Anthem Getting Two Demos Before Release; New Trailer Debuts

BioWare has announced that Anthem, its upcoming sci-fi action game, will have multiple demos ahead of its release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019. As detailed during The Game Awards, where a new trailer below was shared, the first is a VIP demo that will be available to pre-order customers from January 25 until January 27.

The second demo will be available to everyone from February 1 until February 3. Speaking to GameSpot, Anthem’s lead producer clarified that these are not betas for the game. Instead they are a slice of the game taken from the middle and, as such, as intended to give players a sense of how they play.

Although it’s not a beta, players should not expect their progression to carry over to the main game when it becomes available. When asked about the length of demo and the missions contained within it, Gamble did not provide any details, saying that the content was still being finalized.

In early November rumors were circulating that suggested EA and BioWare were thinking about delaying Anthem. However, executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter to re-state Anthem is on schedule for February 22, 2019.

Anthem casts players as Freelancers, who are soldiers that are outfitted with Javelins. They look like Tony Stark’s Iron Man outfits and, if we’re honest, seem to behave like them too. That’s not a criticism, as it enables players to take to the skies and fly around open-environments, then plunge themselves underwater and explore sea caves, getting into combat and using unique abilities to take out their enemies.

If you signed up for the Anthem alpha test and were successful, you should be able to play the game from December 8-9. As previously detailed, the test will not be available for the entirety of that period, and instead there will be “multiple sessions” spread across the weekend.

Beyond Anthem, BioWare has teased that it is working on the future of Mass Effect. On top of that, BioWare’s Casey Hudson previously said it is preparing reveal its plans for the Dragon Age series. He specifically said it would be in December, so fans were expecting some new about it at The Game Awards.

Author: GameSpot

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