Former Far Cry Devs Reveal New Adventure Game, Journey To The Savage Planet

During The Game Awards 2018, Typhoon Studio–pulling together developers from Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham Asylum–revealed a brand-new game coming in 2019 known as Journey to the Savage Planet. In the trailer, we see footage of an derelict pod with a lone astronaut’s body laying outside. In the distance is a bright and colorful alien world. In the background, a voice from the pod calls out to explore the new world.

According to the developers, it’s an up-beat adventure game focusing on the exploration of a hostile alien planet with little to no resources. Though the concept is prime material for another battle-royale or survival game, the developers state that it’s purely an adventure game. We’re still a bit in the dark about what to expect from the game, but the developers stated in a press release what the game’s essence is all about.

“The core tenets of Typhoon are strong flavors, lots of intertwined systems, a penchant for bad jokes and a deep and abiding love of collaborative play,” said Alex Hutchinson, creative director and co-founder, Typhoon Studios. “Journey to the Savage Planet will encompass all of those things and more.”

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Author: GameSpot

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