Iris.Fall Review | The Indie Game Website

The Indie Game Website writes: “What exactly is Iris.Fall? From the oddly punctuated title, youd be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of anime JRPG. Far from it this dreamlike adventure actually has more in common with classic English literature. Alice in Wonderland, to be exact, with the well-worn setup of a girl falling into a strange and unfamiliar world.

Rather than awakening from a dream at the end, however, our young heroine Iris begins her story as she jolts out of a restless slumber. Following the trail of a black cat, she soon finds herself in a surreal theatre with sets built from odd contraptions, creepy puppets and props. Only by solving a variety of puzzles can she make her way through the theatre and uncover the mysteries of what it is and why shes there.”

Author: N4G

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