11-11 Memories Retold Review Visually Beautiful, but That’s About it | GameCloud

Connor Weightman at GameCloud writes: “And thats the thing about 11-11 Memories Retold should I expect to be surprised? Should I rightfully hope to learn something? Should I expect the medium to be used in a new way to make me think about things differently? Is this video game just not for me? Who then, is it for? Im upset that 11-11 can be both so serious and so inane, so against-the-grain yet so grimly uninventive. Im bothered by the feeling of myself being bored by this game when its earnestness and thematic content tells me that my entertainment here shouldnt necessarily be the point. Where is my empathy? Why cant I think of the poor soldiers, civilians, etc., the people who lived through this? I like that it tries to work against the video game paradigm of glorifying violence; I hate how it gave me the longest five hours of my life in the process. Press F for feelings and so on.”

Author: N4G

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