Fallout 76 is a waste of a perfectly good wasteland

The question that comes up every time you encounter this recurring narrativeand, again, its everywhere, from opulent resort hotels, to the last missives of unionizing miners burned away by the bombs, to bullying robotic carnival barkersis whether Bethesda realizes that its engaging in an almost flagellating degree of self-criticism in the process. After all, the games automation theme was presumably chosen not just because it fits Fallouts greater fiction, but because it also makes it easier for designers to execute their vision of a world entirely devoid of human characters outside a players control.

Even as you pick up audio logs, newspaper articles, and all the other storytelling detritus of a human-free worldall screaming about the evils of automationthe game itself embraces its easy conveniences with a terrifying fervor. Fallout has always excelled at indirect and environmental storytelling, so who needs to write a lot of tricky dialogue choices and branching story…

Author: N4G

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