At the End of its Tether? Just Cause 4 Review | AusGamers

AusGamers has reviewed Just Cause 4 and writes:

“The playspace here — the South American country Solis, is different to previous playspaces in name only — jungle, desert, snow and urban biomes jigsaw the makeup of the overly-sized game-world. There are hidden caves and cities and ruins and more, but theyre not really meaningful beyond set-dressing. Even missions around them dont really take them into account. The only tangible parts of the game-world are those you can blow up on a permanent basis in order to make this revolt a believable exercise, but problematically — and this is series-wide — its difficult to care at all, because the story is really, really, really bad. And its essentially the same story weve played through before, only now with an even less interesting dictator; a Bond villain dropout who likes to play with weather…”

Author: N4G

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